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FCA Dealers have access to 41 courses that help build the fundamental and advanced knowledge dealership personnel require to successfully execute BDC activity.  These courses are divided into 5 Series available to take anytime. 

All courses range from 10-15 minutes in duration and have embedded knowledge checks to ensure the participant is paying attention, learning, and demonstrating their knowledge of the material being taught.  Students that fail to interact with all questions in a course will not receive credit for completion.

At the conclusion of each Series, a proficiency test is required to complete the Series.  The proficiency test questions and answers are randomized preventing students within a dealership from ever receiving the same exam.  Proficiency tests are comprised of 20 questions and a passing score of 80% is required to receive a Certificate of Completion.

All completed courses and Series are maintained as a transcript in the student’s profile.  Students and managers can quickly and easily view their progress through simple dashboards and real-time reports for managers. 

Read below to learn more about each Series. 


 Series Descriptions

Business Development for Managers (BD4MGR) Series – Designed exclusively for all managers.

This series focuses on helping managers understand the importance of a clearly defined strategy for how employees in their department(s) interact with clients. The outcome of completing this series is to have a fully designed and easily implemented plan for how the dealership will optimize each unique opportunity to do business for their respective department(s). Managers are taught the importance of driving a predictable business model and will define and document process maps that detail the interactions with clients. Process maps should be used to align technology solutions to support their desired strategies execution.   

BD4MGR101        BD Overview / KPI / Appointment Ratio

BD4MGR102        Appointment Cycle™ for Sales & Service

BD4MGR103        Bridging Sales & Service

BD4MGR104        Process Mapping Sales

BD4MGR105        Process Mapping Service

BD4MGR106        No Show and PR Calls

BD4MGR107        Getting to a 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 and Beyond

BD4MGR108        Business Development Models

Business Development(BD) Series – Designed for all dealership personnel who talk to any type of sales opportunity on the phone.

This series addresses the fundamental communication skills needed to maximize all forms of phone interactions with clients. BD series teaches the basic communication skills needed.  BD also teaches employees how to optimize Incoming Sales Calls, Unsold Follow-up, Objection Handling, Owner Retention, and overall appointment conversion strategies and techniques. These are critical in converting opportunities to do business into appointments that show, and do business with the sales department.

BD101         Gathering Guest Information

BD102         Communication Skills for Today’s Customers

BD103         Incoming Phone-up Mastery

BD104         Why FUFU?

BD105         Objection Mastery I

BD106         Objection Mastery II

BD107         Owner Loyalty Practices

BD108         Optimizing BD Efforts


Communication Skills(CS) Series – Designed for all Business Development practitioners who interact with clients

The CS Series is the bedrock upon which the communication principles we teach are built.  The Pace/Lead skill set taught in this course is foundational knowledge that all Business Development practitioners need to understand and apply in their communication with clients, and each other.  The ability to take communication skills to the next level is dependent upon the student’s ability to tailor their communication in a way that meets the needs of the listener.  And that knowledge is revealed in the second half of this series of courses. When completed, the student will have been exposed to the knowledge and skills they need to develop in order to enhance their ability to communicate with and positively influence those with whom they are working.

CS100        Knowing Today’s Clientele

CS101        Permission Based Engagement

CS102        Write Succinctly & Specifically

CS103        Texting Today’s Clientele

CS104        DiSC Introduction - Power of Personality

CS105        DiSC - Dominant Style

CS106        DiSC - Influencer Style

CS107        DiSC - Steady Style

CS108        DiSC - Compliant Stle


e-Strategies(ES) Series – Designed for all dealership personnel who interact with clients electronically for sales, service, or parts opportunities to do business.

ES series teaches today’s best practices for converting all forms of electronic communications across all dealership departments. ES series provides innovative and proven tactics for engaging with clients and converting opportunities into appointments that show and choose to do business with the dealership. ES touches on key skills to maximize engagement via text, email, and phone. These unique skills are critical in converting these opportunities.     

ES101         Knowing Today’s Clientele

ES102         Permission Based Engagement

ES103         Write Succinctly & Specifically

ES104         Texting Today’s Clientele

ES105         Volleying Videos I

ES106         Volleying Videos II

ES107         Converting Inbound Web Calls

ES108         The 35-Day Relationship


Service Development(SD) Series – Designed for all dealership personnel who communicate with Service or Parts opportunities via phone or electronically.

This series addresses the fundamental communication skills needed to maximize all forms of communication with service or parts department opportunities. This series focuses on Incoming Service Calls, First Service Visit scheduling, Declined Service follow-up, Special Order Parts, Recall campaigns, Service Visit follow-up, Non-Returned and Returning VINs, and overall appointment conversion strategies and techniquesThese skills are critical in converting opportunities to do business into appointments that show, and do business with the service or parts departments.

SD101         Implementing the Service Appointment Model

SD102         Top 10 Service Objections

SD103         Mastering the Incoming Service Call

SD104         First-Time Service Scheduling

SD105         Increase Customer Satisfaction

SD106         Creating Service Loyalty

SD107         Implementing the Complaint Resolution Plan

SD108         Re-delivery Mastery 



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